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Welcome to Himalayan Suite Spa

Welcome to Himalayan Suite Spa - we provide over fifty therapies to hydrate your skin, lessen tension, cleanse your body, and more. The spa is conveniently located in the heart of Kumari Club, Sorakhutte, KTM., close to all the city's top main attractions.


We take pride in providing our valued clients with exceptional service. Our certain goal is to relieve our guests' worries and mental stress. We help you with the use of spa treatments while using our versatile professional therapists and great service to make you stress-free, pain-free, anxious, and refreshed-free for your mind and body.

Let us assist you with your extraordinary feelings. All of our devoted customers are cordially invited to learn more about our high-quality service and affordable pricing. 

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  • Well Care And Therapists

    Offers a specialized service for dietary and nutrition advising with the goal of assisting you.

  • Effective Treatments

    Learn more about our relaxing spa treatments to get the best results.

  • Get Motivated

    By receiving therapeutic massage, one can feel physically better and express their creativity to the fullest.

  • Relaxation And Stress Reduction

    Including massages and bodywork, we will significantly help you unwind your stress and relax.

  • Detoxification And Skin Treatment

    We assist you in detoxing so that you can have more energy, clearer skin, improved digestion, focus and clarity.

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem.

    Pamper yourself, take good care of your body, and you'll feel better about yourself, more conscious, and more worth it.

Latest Reviews From Customers

We have been actively making efforts to improve quality of our services and while doing so, we have been emphasizing on the feedbacks of our clients. We hope to continue to maintain such relationship with our clients for long term as it has been imperative for our team to give best of the best services ever evolving with demand of time and hospitality industrial growth.

Very clean and professional place, have affordable prices, you can get a better price when you get a combo too!

Sandip Chettri

Popular Comedian / Talented Actor

What an amazing experience, it is recommended for anyone who really want to experience a spiritually and physically treatment

Ashish Dhalal

CEO , Sarbatra INC

I came across a leaflet from this spa in the street offering a great deal for morning bookings. I was delighted with my massage/ reflexology / facial package.

Kabita Nepali

Professional Dancer / Model

Best massage ever found in KTM town; the place is peaceful, has friendly staff, and has the best service ever. Thank you so much! I will visit again.


Tattoo Artist


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Since 2018, we provide best
service for our clients.

pleasure & praising Spa Services

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    Pay less and get more services

    Bath Package

    Nrs 1000

    • (Steam, Sauna & Jacuzzi) / 30 Min (Each) Complimentary - Fresh Juice/ Soup
    Beautifying Package

    Nrs 4000

    • (Body Scrub- 30 Min, Wax- Full Arms & Legs, Full Face Thread, Normal Facial, Nailcare) Complimentary -Fresh Juice / Soup
    Pampering Package

    Nrs 5000

    • (Steam/Sauna/Jacuzzi- 30 Min each, Full Body Massage- 60 Min, Normal Facial- 45 Min, Nailcare - 30 Min ) Complimentary -Fresh Juice / Soup
    Himalayan Package

    Nrs 4000

    • (Body Scrub- 30 Min, Full Body Massage- 60 Min, Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi ) Complimentary -Fresh Juice / Soup
    Ultra Relax Package

    Nrs 8000

    • (Full Body Massage- 90 Min, Siro- Dhara- 45 Min, Facial 30 MIn, Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi - 30 Min each) Complimentary -Fresh Juice / Soup


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