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Everything You Need To Know When Getting Best Massage In [ Himalayan Suite Spa ]

Everything You Need To Know When Getting Best Massage In [ Himalayan Suite Spa ]

Everything You Need To Know When Getting Best Massage In [ Himalayan Suite Spa ]



The ancient practice of massage has many schools and variants worldwide. Massage reduces muscle soreness or flaccidity, impacts the brain by calming down or sedating it, and speeds up tissue repair. Humans have long thought that touch has the ability to heal. Traditional medicine is entirely based on touching and massage.


Our “One Hour Massage” package at Himalayan Suite Spa gives you an unforgettable experience by adhering to these sentiments and fusing them with Nepalese and Ayurvedic healing massage techniques. For both old and adults, therapeutic massage can be beneficial in the following ways:


Reduce stiffness and discomfort in the muscles

Improve the movement’s efficiency and effectiveness

Reducing general stress and worry; promoting relaxation

More rapid recovery from soft tissue injuries like torn muscles and damaged ligaments

Minimizing the pain and swelling caused by injury

Enhancing the nourishment and health of the skin

Improving posture via changing bad posture-related anxiety behaviors


Top 7+ Best Massage Should You Get In Himalayan Suite Spa


You can control your fitness or enhance your well-being with massage therapy. It needs the body’s soft tissues to be stimulated. You might be experiencing tension or muscle pain, but you’re unsure what kind of massage to have. You’ll be able to identify the type of massage that is best for you with the aid of this quick guide.


1. Ayurvedic Massage


Ayurvedic massage blends pressure points with the 5,000-year-old Indian principles of Ayurveda, also known as the science of life. This kind of massage promotes harmony between the mind, body, and spirit and aids in the body’s natural healing processes. It’s sometimes called an “oil massage” since it frequently combines warm herbal essential oils with time-honored and unconventional strokes and kneading tailored to the customer’s needs.


Ayurvedic massage differs from Swedish and Thai massage in several ways, including the following:

  • Medicinal Oils
  • Both force and intention
  • Particular Movements


2. Deep Tissue Massage


More force is applied during deep tissue massage than during Swedish massage. It’s ok to have inflammatory, medical, or imbalanced chronic muscular problems. It will aid in reducing anxiety, muscle soreness, and chronic pain.

To relieve discomfort from your muscles and connective tissues’ deeper layers, your massage therapist will use a combination of light strokes and vigorous finger stimulation during a deep tissue massage. The massage will last 60 to 90 minutes.


3. Hot Stone Massage


The concepts of a hot stone massage are similar to those of a Swedish massage, whose therapeutic benefits have been well-established since ancient times. Along with using heated stones on your body, your therapist can further promote deep relaxation by warming up your muscles.

  • reduction of discomfort and soreness
  • decrease in tension
  • improved slumber
  • greater immunity
  • Without applying pressure, muscles can relax

Enjoying the healing power of touch is more like a gift you give yourself than some “good for you” activities, which sometimes feel like chores.


4. Swedish Massage


The most well-known and often used type of massage therapy is Swedish massage, which is referred to as a “classic massage” in many nations. Swedish massage employs various techniques, such as palm and hand circular pressure, forceful kneading, mild taping, and more.

A Swedish massage relaxes the entire body by stroking the muscles in the blood’s natural flow path back to the heart. But Swedish massage has advantages that go beyond mere relaxation.

The blood’s oxygen content might be raised, and circulation and flexibility could be improved. Ask your therapist how to include Swedish massage techniques in your upcoming appointment.

5. Aroma Therapy Massage


Aromatherapy massages best serve people who want to include an emotionally therapeutic component in their massage. This type of massage can assist with:

  • Improve your mood
  • reducing weariness and worry
  • Get rid of depressive symptoms
  • Reduce muscular stress
  • reducing pain

Smooth, delicate pressure is used during aromatherapy massages while using essential oils. You should let your massage therapist know if you have a preference because they will usually choose which essential oils to use. Until they are applied to the skin, essential oils are dissolved.

A full-body massage will be performed as you breathe in essential oils through a diffuser and absorb them through your skin. Your back, shoulders, and ears may be the only areas of your body that receive aromatherapy treatment.


6. Shirodhara


Shirodhara is a meditative and peaceful treatment that involves the application of a calming stream of warm oil to the third eye chakra, also known as the ajna, on the forehead. The central nervous system is known to settle down and be integrated by this treatment.

Some people claim to have a sense of peaceful consciousness after receiving Shirodhara. Shirodhara offers calming, soothing, and relaxing benefits to the body and the mind. Additionally, studies indicate that Shirodhara may benefit:

  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • control insomnia
  • reduce anxiety
  • Reliable Source (when combined with yoga)
  • reduce tension



7. Thai Massage


Thai, massage is ideally tailored to those who want a more active form of massage and want to alleviate and relieve pain and tension. It will also serve to improve:

  • Flexibility
  • Blood circulation
  • Energy levels

Thai massage works the entire body in a series of motions that are close to yoga stretching. Your doctor will use your hands and fingertips to apply firm pressure to your body. You’re still going to get stretched and bent to varying places. During the massage, you should wear loose, comfortable clothes.

The Thai massage lasts 60–90 minutes.


8. Spinal Massage


A spinal massage is best given as part of an overall body or back massage. You may or may not use massage oil for an initial general massage. It lasts from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.


9. Trekkers Massage


Trekkers massage is specially developed for people who have gone on a trek or traveled a lot. This massage combines Ayurvedic massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Stretching (Thai Massage). It will help you loosen up stiff muscles and improves body circulation. This massage lasts from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.



Getting the greatest massage in  Himalayan Suite Spa can help you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically. Experiment with numerous massage methods and practitioners to identify the type of massage and the massage therapist who is the best fit for you.


Discuss any issues you have with your massage therapist and ensure they know your wishes and objectives. If you have any health issues or conditions, consult your doctor before getting a massage.