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About Company

This fastest developing family-owned hospitality business invites you to get away from the city and have a mitigating and serene spa experience. We urge you to give a shot to our credible massage and beauty administrations. We will probably give you the most accessible services all under one roof. Deep tissue massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, Swedish massages and waxing treatments are among the services we give in completely reasonable cost.

We take a whole all-encompassing approach to the consideration of our clients. Set yourself up for revival. We give you personalized experience to suit your physical and spiritual needs.

Private and lovely settings, the Himalayan Spa KTM gives innovative spa treatments, superb accommodation and the gracious pro specialist services. Take the break from your daily mundane routines and look for one of the well-known facials or unwind with the Deep Tissue Massage. The retreat involves a luxury suite for people’s rest, a tea lounge just as parlours with agreeable treatments which are in the delightful exhibit of sufficient treatment spaces.

Hsj Spa KTm