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Thai Massage

Thai massage is a yoga massage that involves holding, kneading and body pulling. Applying hands, knee foot and elbow involves in the Thai massage. The muscles are relaxed, joints are strengthened, and emotions flow throughout the body to promote regeneration and well-being. The body conditioning of constructive tension and soft pressure increases endurance and is at the same time soothing and calming.
The treatment usually takes place along the edges of the body (“sen”). The giver’s legs and feet can be used to align the recipient’s body or arms. A complete Thai massage can last two hours which involves an expansion of the whole body and rhythmic squeezing. This could include finger-pulling, hands, feet, scratching knuckles, shifting the recipient’s body into various positions. The massage is normal and the pace is changed by the giver according to the recipient.

Our Packages & Pricing

  •  Thai Massage

    Thai Massage (Time Dur: 60 Min)


  •  Thai Massage

    Thai Massage (Time Dur: 90 Min)